Nicolette is an American fiber artist located in Los Angeles, CA. She studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the Rhode Island School of Design. Those summer sessions in Rhode Island are where she discovered her love of textiles, especially weaving. 
Nicolette is committed to her goal of using hand-knitting techniques for fine art. Knitting is traditionally used for apparel. She wants to explore the possibility of using hand-knitting while combining it with hand-woven techniques to create textured fine art tapestries. Nicolette is thrilled to experiment with this idea and see what will come out of it. She also enjoys working with uncommon materials. For example, she has experimented with using leather to make rugs.
Nicolette is a lover of nature. She looks to nature for inspiration but not in the places you would assume. Her inspiration comes not from flowers or the ocean but from the wonders of the cosmos and earth. Nicolette enjoys thinking outside the box and seeing where it takes her. She finds the cosmos and earth hold some of the most beautiful phenomena in all of existence. Nicolette strives to capture those features from her inspirations in her work.